Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green Means Go!

So I thought I would explain a bit more the jobs my boys do on the job wheel.

My boys are 8, 12 & 14. So the expectation for how well they complete the job needs to stay age appropriate. When I introduce a new chore I work with them for awhile to teach them how to do it properly. That way they really are a help to me! I definitely don't expect perfection. With my 8 year old I still work with him on his job since he is younger. The point is to teach them responsibility. is our list that we rotate on the wheel. Each boy is in charge of 2 jobs a week.

1. Vacuum..this is for our living room and stairs. It is our main living area.

2. Sweep...the kitchen/eating area.

3. Garbage....take out trash from EVERY room in house. Replace bag.

4. Dinner....set the table, clear the table or even help cook. I have been slowly teaching them how to cook simple meals. The goal for me is to have them cook dinner or any meal to help out! Love this!! They each know a few breakfast meals that they can cook for the family. Such a huge help!!

5. Dishes....Empty and Load. Even the 8 year old is getting good at this!

6. Bathroom...In the past this only involved a daily wipe down of mirror, counter & sink because I was nervous about letting them use the cleaners for the toilet bowl. I knew they were toxic. Imagine my SHOCK when I found out that even my all-purpose cleaners and mirror cleaners have toxic chemicals that are HARMFUL!

So now, we ONLY use Get Clean products!! They are Safe, Powerful & Cheap! Seriously!!

I have been cleaning houses for 8 years and I have used alot of different products on many different houses and these are SIMPLY the best that I have EVER used.

And, best of all, it is completely SAFE for all of my boys to use and clean the Whole bathroom.

Can you just imagine how excited they are about this? HAHA!!

Actually...they really are great helpers.

So now in our house GREEN means GO with all jobs for each of us. We do not have to worry about coming into contact with any harmful or breathing in any toxins. The more I have researched these products the more EXCITED I have become because they truly are that GREAT!

Check out the website for more info and get on the ROAD to a CLEAN home.

Have a Blessed Day!


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