Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Dream

My husband and I have a crazy dream to travel the United States with our children in an RV….for ONE YEAR.  We have been asked a lot how we came to that thought and I don’t know if I can give just one easy answer to that question. 

Our biggest inspiration and catalyst to even hearing about this idea came from Tim and Stephanie Sheaffer from Give Every Day.  We ‘stumbled upon’ their blog and immediately felt pulled to the idea of serving others.  We also held some fascination for the idea that families actually do this!  The thought hadn’t really crossed our minds before except when thinking about ‘some day’ when we retire…maybe.

At the same time, we had started to feel a bit heavy with the way our life was.  My husbands’ job was stressful but mostly, it seemed we were just ‘surviving’ instead of living and experiencing.  We were hungering for  passion and purpose again in ways we weren’t even aware of…..until we saw the opportunity in the travel.  I know that for most people, a time such as this may never arise and that we should give it some thought. 

Several things in our life lined up….transition with hubbys’ job, support from family, opportunity to make an income online, the ideal time for our kids to pull out of school for a year, and the biggest one…we had just paid off all of our debt (not including mortgage).  The freedom from those bills actually opened a new door for us and we decided to jump in with both feet!

We are giddy with excitement, nervous about details (ok mostly me) and absolutely thrilled to have the chance to be with our kids as one family before they are too big and off to college.

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Ask us lots of questions…I will try my best to answer them!

Have a blessed day!



  1. This will be such a great experience! How will you decide on your route?

  2. Not sure yet! LOL Stay tuned!