Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 12: Kids Clothes

Welcome back!!  How are the kids rooms going?  My kids all grumbled at first when it was time to declutter and now they are soooo happy!  It feels more calm for them and my youngest has discovered ‘lost’ toys and has been busy playing. 

We are finishing up the kiddos rooms today by going through the clothes.  Now, I have all boys….I think it does mean not quite as many clothes than if I had a girl.  My boys are no frills…all about comfort.  My 14 yr old wears sport shorts year round with short sleeve tees only. The only request this mama has is that he has a pair of ‘nicer’ shorts for church.  Of course, this helps keep his laundry under control, too.  I had the boys help me with this task so I could get their feedback on what they like and wear. We also take the time to save things they have outgrown to hand down to the other boys or friends.  We have appreciated this from others as well!

We also don’t have dressers.  We are blessed with big closets so we use closet organizers with drawers.  This saves so much space in their rooms for other things.

Here is a pic of my oldest boys’ closet after we cleaned and organized….


He does have a few things hanging out of view…the rest are in the drawers.

Happy decluttering!!

Have a blessed day,


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