Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 6: Master Bathroom

We are moving on from the master closet to the bathroom!  In our home we are blessed to have a master bathroom.  It also has GREAT storage!  Lots of cupboards!  But last time I looked in an RV this definitely is NOT the case.  I will have my work cut out for me.   For now, baby steps…just decluttering….I will worry about space later.

Here is a pic of the storage….




I think since we are biting off small chunks lets break it down.  Today just go through your toiletries.  I actually organized this cupboard in the summer.



Surprisingly I was still able to toss or give away a huge bag!  I find that if I have too much stuff then I forget what I have in there and make double purchases.  I also have been switching out soaps for ones that are soap-free.  I have found two things with this.  One…NO chemicals.  Two….No soap scum in my shower!  LOVE that!  You can check out what I use HERE and HERE.  Also  THIS is the BEST for bubble baths and shaving your legs.   Leaves them soft and again, no soap scum.  I mean really…who likes to clean that anyway?

So get on it and get to tossin’ in your bathroom.

Have a blessed day!


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