Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 9: Jewelry

I keep my jewelry in my bathroom because of the great storage I have in there.  I also have waaaaaayyyy too much that I do not use.  In my quest to simplify, I went through it with the thought of keeping my favorite pieces as well as some specialty and FUN pieces.

Knowing what I have and being able to see/find it means it will get used!

This series isn’t about organization, but take a look at THIS by I Heart Organizing!  I see this project in my near future.  Simple and Lovely…


She is one of my favorite bloggers.

What about you?  What type of jewelry do you have?  Too much?  Does it get used?  How do you store it?

Have a blessed day!



  1. I don't have much jewelry so this idea wouldn't work for me, but if I did, ah, someday I hope! I would love to have something like that.

  2. Shonda..I am hoping to have so few. lol I agree...LOVE the jewelry holder idea! It is so pretty.